Thursday, January 2, 2014

2 Jan 2014: Dinner

Dinner tonight was low-key and simple. I had four dough balls from a messed up pizza dough batch in the fridge, so I rolled them out and brushed them lightly with olive oil and threw the remains of New Year's Eve dinner/ New Year's breakfast on them.

One note I wish to make clear - our goal is not 100% vegan, more along the lines of 85-90% vegan, and knowing as much as we can about the animal products we do eat.

With that said,  we topped our flatbread tonight with leftover pepperoni, olives, organic mozzarella and smoked gouda cheeses. Audrey and I also threw the leftover home fries on ours. Other than the bread being chewy,  it tasted ok (remember, I said the dough was from a batch that I messed up).

The salad was a salad, the only thing of note was that it contained fresh spinach from our garden.

Later,  I am making popcorn - the old fashioned way. This is my first post from my phone,  so I don't have all the posting tricks worked out yet, but I will eventually be posting links to the tools we use. Anyhow, I make popcorn with a Whirly-Pop stovetop popcorn maker, using either coconut or peanut oil and Central Market organic yellow popcorn, topped with nothing more than Morton sea salt. Occasionally we add some 70% cocoa chocolate chips, but not tonight. We're going to wash it down with an (expensive) organic dry cider from England.

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