Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Help me pick a range hood for the kitchen! New Electrolux range was installed last night.

Their pic:
My pic:

Now, I need a range hood to go over it. Currently, it is going to be a recirc unit, so I would like the charcoal filters to be included. Eventually it will be vented up through the upper cabinet into the sofftt, and then 5' out to the exterior wall from there. We use the current one simply as a light source - the fan works, but it is LOUD, and junk falls out of it when you turn it on.

Here are your choices:

  • $349
  • 250CFM
  • No idea of lights
  • Suspiciously good reviews

  • $329
  • 320CFM
  • 2x50W Halogen, LED Capable
  • Stellar reviews

  • $349
  • 250CFM
  • 2x6w LED
  • Not very bright
  • Q/C issues

  • $398
  • 900 CFM
  • 2x35W Halogen (LED Capable)
  • Professional hood, Professional noise
  • No night light/dim setting

  • $249
  • 250CFM
  • 2x50W Halogen (LED Capable)
Broan QP330SS
  • $389
  • 450CFM
  • 4x?w halogens, included (LED Capable)
  • Kind of loud
  • Green LEDs (range is blue)
  • More suction on left - range big burner is on right
  • $308
  • 450??CFM
  • 4x Halogen, LED Capable
  • Good reviews
  • Previous generation of the one above